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Salt, pepper or cyanide?
Many years ago she was a self-made songwriter, now I think that this imbecile E stole her diary. Keep calm and have really a break.


Shine like a Moon!
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Ate thuaj moj korbe....mos degjo sec thone bota lol


Salt, pepper or cyanide?
Many years ago, I ask that question in the silence that can cut your soul. Was it fate or just an accident that my eyes sow your Beaty. I miss you.

Ps: leter e gjetur ne shishe neper plazhet e sarandes :p.


мαи ωιтн α мιѕѕιои
Many years ago, they used 2 call me caYa, and they still do.


Give an inch, take a smile
Many years ago you found me and few seconds ago you found me again... I knew that photo will help u